LIBERTY ROGUE OUTDOORS is a small MAINE based company that specializes in Traditional and modern archery, Hunting, Bush-craft and Survival:

Alexander Ribar is the founder of Liberty Rogue Outdoors. He is a Marine, An avid traditional & modern Bow hunter, Bush-craft/survival instructor, Outdoor columnist for the “Activities Guide of Marine” magazine. YouTube Creator and contestant on the History Channel survival show “ALONE” season 4 (Vancouver Island BC) and season 5 as an alternate in (Mongolia)

Growing up in the woods of Maine…”Nature was my playground and I took full advantage of all she had & has to offer for my mind and body.”

Creating and building custom Arrows: Traditional, Carbon and Cross Bow Bolts. Sets of (6) to (12) are custom painted, hand crested, spine aligned and Vane or Fletched.

Creating Custom TOMAHAWKS are a big hit and are functioning works of art. Everything from the Hand forged heads to custom engraved Hickory handles screams “hold me, throw me, and respect me!” A tried and true Bush craft tool used in camp on the trail and for self-defense. Each custom engraved Tomahawk comes with (1) spare plane hickory handle for throwing competitions. A must have for all outdoor adventures and a conversation piece for the Woman or Man cave!

We also offer our signature Flint & Steel Fire Kits…Keep one in your vehicle or back pack. English flint, custom striker complete with char cloth tin and Burlap pouch. (Offered with or without Neck knife)

Hunting, fishing, Bush-craft and Survival is still a way of life here in MAINE as well as other places. Here at Liberty Rogue Outdoors you get the best of both worlds. Old school and Modern Methods for the outdoor enthusiast and Hunter/Survivalist. So get your outdoors on! And remember it’s about attitude, the Right one!

“Cable & Cam, Stick & String, Tomahawks and Kill’n Things!”

Booyaakah! & Best Regards

Alexander “The Rogue’Stah” Ribar

We Love what we do

Providing Custom Archery Items Since 1994

Custom Arrows

  • Cut to exact length requirements
  • Many Fletching and Vane Options
  • Many custom Cresting options
  • Available with light nocks

Custom Tomahawks

  • Hand forged Heads
  • Gold standard Hickory Handles
  • Custom Engraving on handle
  • Custom Stiched Handles available

Fire Kits

  • Custom Striker
  • Char Cloth
  • Optional Neck Knife
  • Easy to store anywhere it might come in handy

Awesome Swag

  • Pullover and Full Zip Hoodies
  • Tshirts of all sizes
  • Awesome Hats and Caps
  • Decals to Represent

“Yes Sir Rogue’stah! That is quite the adventure you are embarking on… But I am confident that you, like most of your journeys, will rise and adapt. Youth like that can be a spark of light for us older souls… embrace, enjoy, relax. Cheers to you my Friend… Booyaakah for life!”

Triumph Screen Printing

John Smith

“It was great to hear from you today Alex, that was a great conversation and I appreciate the friendship. Little Rogue’stah Jr. is the luckiest dude on the planet – who else gets to learn the “Lore of the Land” from one of the best Alex Ribar ?!!!??? I’m jealous of Jr. and you’re a stand up guy to take on this new adventure of a life time, perfect video title BTW. Now that I know what’s going on I’ll be sure to keep in touch and if you need anything please reach out. Bampaa out!”

Kevin's Adventures

“I just want to say this video really touched me I got to meet you in person it was that little bit of time we spend together for a good person and I’m sure your son appreciates everything you’re doing for him and his son. I had to ask my father and mother to take my youngest daughter because I had some problems in my life I think I told you some of them and I’m still working on my daughter moving back in with me I thank God that my parents were able to do that for me I didn’t at first but now that I’m sober I am very grateful if you ever want to or need to talk my cell phone number is the same God bless you and your family”

OneTime Outdoors

“Just found your channel via the mi woodsmen It’s awesome what you’re doing, Family first Brother Hats off and much RESPECT”

Bill Hinson Outdoors

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(207) 542-6076